hello beautiful creature, thank you for stopping by.
my name is ash + i am a calgary-based photographer specializing in all things live events, including fashion + performance. creative/conceptual/unconventional portrait photography is my other cup of tea.
passionate about creating and capturing connections, i have been shooting for over 10 years.
when i'm not shooting special events, i'm designing, coordinating + managing them. my passion for connecting people + my passion for capturing people fit together so naturally that i couldn't imagine doing anything else.
as an #eventprof, i know how much passion + creative labour it takes to produce a live event. i also know  the emotional impact a photo causes, a meaningful connection for the audience when telling your story. investing in capturing those connecting moments ensures an expanding audience can continue to connect over your work, long after the AV team is gone. that's what i do best. 
photos to signify your brand, photos to add to a professional portfolio, photos to resonate with a digital audience, photos to bring life to your creative concept or photos of a meaningful moment with meaningful people. whatever the reason, i got you covered.
i can't wait to hear from you + connect further.
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